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Special Projects

Encore has been involved in providing resources to many large and small projects in Los Angeles over the years. Encore can provide you with a certified project manager or we can work with your Los Angeles project management team and provide the resources necessary to complete your project successfully. Here is just a sample of some of the projects we have staffed:

  • Local Network and Design Firm: 1000 desk VOIP installation – 10 contractors lasting 6 weeks.
  • Bay Area School District: 500 desk VOIP installation - 3 contactors lasting 4 weeks.
  • Local engineering firm – new product launch – staffed 30 person call center for 120 days.
  • Major communications company – 1500+ Windows XP conversion including 10 temporary help desk techs for overflow coverage.
  • Local engineering firm – Provide large numbers of AutoCAD drafters when needed to accommodate new projects.
  • Major medical center – 2000+ Windows XP conversion consisting of 20 technicians for 8 weeks.

Earlier projects of interest:

  • Major Los Angeles school district – network upgrade project for over 300 schools lasting over a year and half utilizing over 100 temporary resources.
  • Major medical center – 2500+ Windows 2000 conversion
  • Major communications and entertainment company – Windows 2000 desktop image project
  • Major communications and entertainment company - 10,000 piece mass mailing – 10 temps for 1 month
  • Major postage service company – staffed 50 person call center for 6 month “new project launch”.
  • Major communications company – 1500+ Windows 2000 conversion with additional call center staffing for overflow coverage.
  • Major entertainment company – Windows 98, 2000 and Y2K conversion projects (all separate projects) 5000+ desktops each.  Staffed completely separate call center for six months to cover Y2K issues.
  • Major entertainment company – responsible for providing all the temporary technicians for the IMAC team (Installations, Adds, Moves and Changes). Approximately 200 desktops per month.

Whether you project is large or small Encore Staffing has the knowledge, the resources and ability to be successful for you. Call us today!

encore staffing